Also in big workplace ledpanels are ideal light

LED Panel Light - The universal Workplace lighting

LED Panel deliver perfect optical design combined with high brightness. LED Panel have brilliant color scale patterns and also a high light transmittance rate from above 95%. Another great feature of LED Panel lights is its anti glare attribute. This make the surrounding extremely comfortable.

LED Panel Light look modern and elegant and are available in different colortemperatures. The slim and stable construction make the handling esay when it come to installation. The long lifetime, about 50.000 hours, keep the technicians away and protect the investment on long term.

LED Panel Light Production

We produce LED Panel Light according to your demand. All used parts are choosen by you and your quality requirement.

To build LED Panel Light is our daily business. We work together with serious supplier for the single parts. Our engineers and production crew will work on your order until you are perfectly satisfied with the result.

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