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Modern Home Lighting with LED

When lighting lights the thoughts of using LED’s in a home application has improved rapidly over the last few years.  More commonly known for there use as indicator lights in TV remotes and digital clocks the move into the home and garden lighting scene has begun.

What is an LED. LED stands for light emitting diode, the diode allows electric current to flow only in one direction, it blocks the current coming in the opposite direction.  When the current passes through a diode that emits light, this is called an LED.

So what are the benefits?

  • They have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours.  This is a long time when compared to just 1,000 hours for a standard halogen lamp.
  • When you are lighting lights that are illuminating items that can fade easily ie food and clothing, LED’s are ideal as there is no UV or IR radiation and more importantly no heat is radiated.
  • LED’s are very tough unlike incandescent and fluorescent lamps, they are resistant to vibration and shock.  They have no filament, so they wont burn out.  They can be switched on and off very quickly with no effect to the lamp.
  • There is no mercury in LED’s and they are extremely energy efficient.
  • They can safely be left on all night, ideal for families as orientation lighting.
  • Ideal for use in picture lamps to emphasise your favourite picture or as a decorative wall light to give your room a subtle glow.  With some wall lights, coloured filters are also available to heighten the glow.
  • With colour changing LEDs available, mood lighting comes into its own.  Using a standard GU10 fitting the LED can fit into most spotlights.
  1. Changing the colour of your lighting to suit your home interior has never been easier.

Even though the use of LED’s in lighting lights is still very much decorative they are improving all the time.  You can now get LED down lighters which will give you sufficient light to replace your existing lamps.

So how will you be lighting lights in the future?  The choices are now better than ever.  You can have a lighting scheme to match your needs and your décor.  You are able to explore light in new and exciting ways, to match every mood and in any colour.

Source by Luke Wildman

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