Why buy LED Light?

LED Lighting

LED Lights, solid state lighting, uses up to 1/10Th the electricity of conventional forms of illumination and will last up to 50 times longer. LED lighting is safe, produces little or no heat, and is instant on at full brightness.No mercury, ultra-violet light, or hazardous materials being brought into your home and ultimately impacting our environment in landfills.

LED Strips are light emitting diodes – in layman’s terms they’re like electrical one-way only valves that glow instead of getting hot when a lot of pressure is put through them. They simply put out light (glowing photons) instead of heat like a normal diode on a PCB board. These diodes are also then sealed in resin to make them shockproof and waterproof. This is very different to the traditional filament bulbs that rely on a very thin piece of wire strung between two poles that burn very brightly when a current is passed thrugh it. The wire burns continuously whilst giving off quite a deal of wasted heat. Glass filament bulbs are thin and also fragile which keeps an industry alive replacing light bulbs. Advances from VHS to DVD get a lot more attention these days than cheaper, better lighting although the outdoor enthusiasts have recognize the incredible potential of Flexible LED Strips particularly in the form of headlamps and torches. The difference at night time is incredible -you will see colors truly represented as they are seen during daytime – spiders and other insects eyes glowing back at you !

There is no doubt the LED products will be widely used in house and industry .The green products will be surely have a big market in future .

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