Since 2009 we produce LED Panel Lighting in 2 Factories in Shenzhen and Shandong in China.

we produce LED Panel Light for various USe

Why buy from our Factory?

We have many years experience with customer wishes around the world

We have learned that each client is unique. And every client has his own requests to product, shipping, after sales reqirements. Especially when you buy first time from a LED Light Manufacturer in China it is very important to speak about all details so missmatch can be avoided and requests can be fixed. Only a satisfied client is a returning client, and this we want to build with you, a stable and trustful partnership.

Our International Sales Team will support you from Offer to Order

Our consultants team consists of trained experts in the field of LED technology. In addition to competent advice on the product, they also help to optimize the production costs, procure the desired packaging, including the necessary labeling. Issue the customs documents and also take care of the dispatch of your goods. In doing so, they naturally take your wishes into consideration, or find the best way to send out your goods for lowest cost or shortest time frame. We can help you further in English, Spanish, French, Netherlands and German Language if you request. Just send us the contact form with your questions.

We make your products the way you want them

The first and most important item for us as your factory is to deliver always a stable quality. Use the same led light parts for every of your order, if you do not wish to change something and you are satisfied. Nothing is more worse for us as Manufacturer and you then a every container changeing quality. We only work together with handpicked led, frame, electonical parts suppliers for the parts since many years.

Your goods will arrive your destination safe

After production and quality control we will pack your goods the way as was decided with your order. Our logistic department will arrange the shipping for your led panel by sea, air or train or express. We will arrange the documents you need as receiver.

We are there if any question, any time.

Our customer support will be available for you at any time to answer your questions, give technical help or solve warranty cases.

3 year Warranty for all products

Advantage of LED Light

Catalog of Grid Led Panel Light

To have a better view to our standard LED Panel Light products visit our catalog. We produce all LED Panel Light also fitting to your requirements. Every LED Light Panel from our Factory will have always the quality you want, with the LED and parts you have choosen.

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